The Definite Article and the Conjunction

Two more aspects of Hebrew that I need to revise the details of: the article and the conjunction. I am embarrassed to say that I had a quick glance at an old first-year Hebrew exam paper the other day, and I got stuck on the question that said something along the lines of  “Add the correct definite article to these words, ensuring that the pointing is correct”.

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The Article

particualar (articular)
refers to a known person o thingthe man

the man

generic (articular)
refers to an abstract or general thing

(e.g. [the] salvation is from the Jews)

individual (non-articular)
refers to an unknown person/thing e.g.
when introduced for the first time

a man

qualitative (non-articular)
refers to the particular qualitiy
something possesses

God is spirit