Grammar Revision

Some notes from my revision of 1st Year Greek:

Word classes – there are 8

  • verbs
  • nouns
  • pronouns
  • determiners – e.g. the article
  • adjectives
  • prepositions
  • adverbs
  • conjunctions – words that join clauses
  • particles – words that don’t change form

Phrase types – there are 5

  • verb phrase – a verb/predicate and any dependants
  • noun phrase – a noun and any modifiers
  • prepositional phrase – headed by a preposition
  • adjective phrase – a phrase that modifies a noun
  • adverb phrase – a phrase that modifies a verb

Clause elements – there are 7

  • subject (S)
  • verb/predicate (P)
  • direct object (Od)
  • indirect object (Oi)
  • subject complement (Cs)
  • object complement (Co)
  • adverbial (A)

Clause patterns – there are 5

  1. intransitive: S P
  2. monotransitive: S P Od
  3. ditransitive: S P Oi Od
  4. copular: S P Cs
  5. complex transitive: S P Od Oc

Examples of the 5 different patterns (from the Greek teacher)

  1. She (S) was breathing (P).
  2. Jesus (S) healed (P) the blind man (Od).
  3. The disciples (S) had given (P) him (Oi) the loaves (Od).
  4. You (S) are (P) my friends (Cs).
  5. They (S) made (P) him (Od) king (Co).

First attempt at some reivison: masculine and feminine noun paradigms.

(I’m trying to learn the accents as well as morphology – so let me know any mistakes you spot)

Noun Paradigms

Aramaic Cheat Sheet

This cheat-sheet is derived from the Basics of Biblical Aramaic by Miles V. Van Pelt, as far as possible it is based on the format of the “Get an A! Study Guide” which Van Pelt wrote as a students companion for his book Basics of Biblical Hebrew. So the numbers in brackets alongside the headings refer to the page numbers in BBA. It’s assumed the user will have a fair working knowledge of Hebrew.

Aramaic Cheat Sheet (pdf)