Is the hymn Stand up! Stand up for Jesus biblical?

Did George Duffield get scripture wrong in the third verse of his famous hymn:

Stand up! Stand up for Jesus!
Stand in his strength alone
The arm of flesh will fail you
Ye dare not trust your own.
Put on the gospel armour,
Each piece put on with prayer;
Where duty calls or danger,
Be never wanting there.

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Jonah Summary Notes Chapter 2

  1. God appoints a fish to deliver Jonah (deliverance not judgement). Commentators differ over exact significance of time frame. Most neglect wider biblical understanding and links with Jesus, his resurrection and words in Matt 12.
  2. Introduces remainder of ch2 as Jonah’s prayer to YHWH – a ‘thanksgiving psalm’ according to Gunkel.
  3. YHWH heard Jonah’s cry for help.
  4. Jonah describes the nature of his distress.
  5. Jonah’s hope in YHWH that he will be rescued. Theodotion’s Gk version reads πως presumably translating אֵיךְ rather than אַךְ. LXX has άρα.
  6. Jonah is drowning
  7. Jonah is facing death, but YHWH brought his life up from the pit.
  8. Jonah remembered YHWH; YHWH heard Jonah
  9. It is useless serving any god except YHWH.
  10. Jonah sacrifices to YHWH and promises to complete vows (cf. sacrifices and vowes of sailors in 1:16). Salvation belongs to YHWH.
  11. Jonah is vomitted onto dry land (ready to be recommissioned).

Jonah 2:1-7 (Heb) (Revision)

  1. And YHWH appointed (3ms Qal Piel wayiqqtol) a great fish to swallow (Qal infin cons) Jonah and Jonah was in the (do def art.) belly of the fish three days and three nights.
  2. And Jonah prayed (3ms Hith wayiqqtol) to YHWH from the belly of the fish (fem).
  3. And he said,
    I called out (1cs Qal perf) from my distress to YHWH and he heard me (3ms Qal wayiqqtol + 1cs suff)
    from the belly of Sheol I called for help (1cs Piel perf) your heard (2ms Qal perf) my voice
  4. You threw me (2ms Hiphil wayiqqtol + 1cs suff) to the pit, to the heart of the seas
    the waves encompass me (3ms Polel imperf + 1cs suff)
    All you breakers and your waves passed over (3mp Qal perfect) me.
  5. And I said (1cs Qal perf), “I am cast out (1cs Niphal perf) from before your eyes.”
    Surely I will look (Hiph infin cons) again (1cs Hiph impf) to your holy temple.
  6. The seas surround me (3mp Qal perf) upto my neck, the waters encompass me (3ms Polel imperf)
    Sea weed is wrapped (ms Qal pass pcpl) to my head.
    To the feet of the mountains
  7. I went down (1cs Qal perf).
    The bars of the underworld are in on me forever.
    You brought up (2ms Hiph wayiqqtol) my life from the pit.