Participles and Translation Practice

Now we have almost enough Aramaic under our belt to be able to do some translation. Using Reymond’s examples we’ll start with some simple English to Aramaic sentences.

Sometimes translating from English to Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic can seem a little pointless, since our primary goal is to be able to read those languages and translate into English. However, as we’ll see now, doing English to x really helps us grasp how the language works. So without further a do…

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  • nominal
    • e.g. ὁ πιστευων
  • adjectival
    • functions just like a ‘normal’ adjective, in an adjectival position, taking appropiate case/gender
    • το ὑδωρ το ζων
  • verbal
    • periphrastic (εἰμι + pcpl)
      • present, imperfect, future
      • perfect, pluperfect, future perfect
    • complimentary (with verbs like “I want…”)
    • supplementary (with verbs of perception)
    • imperitival
    • indirect discourse
  • adverbial
    • time
    • concession
    • condition
    • cause/reason
    • purpose
    • result
    • means
    • manner
    • attendant circumstances
    • genitive absolute