Jonah 1:1-3

  1. The word of YHWH came (3ms Qal wayiqqtol + b hence “came to” not “was to”) to Jonah, son of Ammitay (apposition), saying (Qal infin cons + l).
  2. Arise, go (2x 2ms Qal imptv, asyndeton) to Nineveh, the great city (apposition), and call out (2ms Qal imptv) against it (lit. her) because (or “that”) its wickedness has come up before me.”
  3. And Jonah arose (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) to flee (Qal infin cons + l) to Tarshish from the presense of YHWH, and he went down (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) (to) Joppa and he found (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) a ship going (fs Qal act pcpl) to Tarshish, and he paid (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) the fair and he went down (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) onto it to go (Qal infin cons + l) with them to Tarshish.

Jonah 4:10-11 (Revision)

  1. And YHWH said, “You had compassion (2ms Qal perf חוס) on the plant which  you did not work for (2ms Qal perf עמל) and you did not make [it] grow (2ms Piel perf + 3ms suff), it was (3ms Qal perf) a child of the night and it died (3ms Qal perf) a child of the night.
  2. And will I not have compassion (1cs Qal impf) on Nineveh, the great city, which has (יֶשׁ) in it more than 120, 000 men who do not know (3ms Qal per) (between) their right hand and their left hand, and many animals?”

Jonan The Contrarian 4:6-9 (Revision)

  1. And YWHW-God appointed (3ms Piel wayiqqtol) a plant and it grew up (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) (lit. from) over Jonan to be (Qal infin cons) a shade over his head to deliver (Hiph infin cons + l) him from his disress. And Jonan rejoiced (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) greatly (congnate internal accusative) because of plant.
  2. And God appointed (3ms Piel wayiqqtol) a worm, when the dawn came up (Qal infin cons + b) the next day it attacked (3ms Hiph wayiqqtol) the plant and it withered (3ms Qal wayiqqtol)
  3. And when the sun shone (Qal infin cons + k), God appointed (3ms Piel wayiqqtol) a scourching East wind and the sun attacked (3ms Hiph wayiqqtol) Jonan’s head and he was faint (3ms Hith wayiqqtol). And he asked (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) that he (lit. his life) might die and he said, “My death is better than my life”.
  4. And God said to Jonan, “Is it right that you are angry because of the plant?” And he said, “It is good that I am angry, angry enough to die.”

Jonah 4:1-5 (Revision)

  1. And Jonah was greatly (cognate internal accusative) distressed (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) and there was anger (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) in him.
  2. And Jonah prayed (3ms Hith wayiqqtol) to YHWH and he said, “Now, YHWH is this not what I said (lit. my word) when I was (Qal infin cons + 1cs suff) in my land? And for this reason I previously (1cs Piel perf) fled (Qal infin cons) to Tarshish because I know (1cs Qal perf) that you, YHWH, [are] a God of grace and compassion, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and relenting (ms Niph pcpl) from calamity.
  3. And now, YHWH, take (ms Qal imptv) my life from me because my death is better than my life.”
  4. And YHWH said, “Is it good (Hiph infin abs + interog part.) that you are angry (lit. there is anger to you).
  5. And Jonah went out (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) from the city and he sat (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) to the East of the city and he made (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) for himself there a shelter and he sat (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) under it in the shade, until he might see (3ms Qal imperfect – modal) what will happen (3ms Qal imperf) to the city.

Jonan 2:8-11 (Revision)

  1. when my life was fainting (Hith infin cons + b) from me, I remembered (3ms Qal perf) YHWH
    and my prayer went up (3fs Qal weqatal) to you in your holy temple.
  2. those who keep (mpl piel pcpl) vain idols forsake (3mp Qal qayiqqtol) their steadfast love
  3. But I with a voice of thanksgiving will sacrifice (1cs Qal cohortative) to you.
    What I have vowed (1cs Qal cohortative) let me complete, Salvation belongs to YHWH.