Isaiah 26:19

Is anyone able to tell me why the NIV2011 adds “LORD” (i.e. יהוה) to the first clause of Isaiah 26:19?

No other English versions do. Including the NIV84.

There’s no textual issue recorded in BHS.

Oswalt doesn’t mention any other textual issues.



Isaiah 2v6-22 Diagram

It’s been a little while since my last post so I figured I’d put a diagram or two up.

Here’s the first: it’s a diagram (of sorts) for Isaiah 2v6-22.

I noticed two significant things from this:

  1. the repetition and contrast of high/low vocabulary (see the green and blue circles and the word lists at the bottom of the page)
  2. the similarity and repeat phrases between the sections which address God’s people (vv6-11) and the whole of the world (vv12-19). Isaiah seems to be emphasising that idolatry within God’s people is just as possible, just as present and just as sinful as it is among the pagans. The same judgement faces both!

Isaiah 1v1-9 Notes

The first sermon in my Isaiah series will be on 1:1-9. I decided to take shorter rather than longer sections of Isaiah (most sermons take 1:1-20 as a whole). Anyway, for the last few days I’ve been working through the Hebrew text of theses verses. It has felt like I’m back in Hebrew class at WEST: constantly checking my parsing in BibleWorks and looking up stuff in Waltke and O’Connor.

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