Titus Divisions

Just starting to think about a six-week preaching series on Titus. As is my usual practice, I’ve drawn up a table of divisions/paragraphs/sections etc. See below:

What is quite interesting is the number of paragraphs that are introduced by asyndeton (ø). There seems to be an unusually high number of them.

More details to follow when I’ve done some more work…


Luke 6v20-49

I’m preaching on Luke’s “Sermon on the Plain” this Sunday (for “plain” read “level place”!).

I’m starting to get really annoyed by the lack of useful stuff in commentaries. The number of commentators and preachers who ignore the structure of the passage is not helping in my preparation!

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Narrative Structure of Luke 1:5-38

As I’m taking Luke in fairly big chunks, my first big chunk is 1:5-38 – the narrative of the promised births of John the Baptist (JtB) and Jesus. Having started working on this passage in the last week or so, I’ve noticed a useful device that Luke uses to structure the narrative. (Time, and more work, will tell if he uses this method throughout the rest of his gospel?).

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