Luke 1v57

Sometimes it is fun(!?) and useful to practice disecting a verse and making sure you know what all the individual parts are doing, by writing down everything you possibly can. He’s my attempt for Luke 1:57:

Τῇ δὲ Ἐλισάβετ ἐπλήσθη ὁ χρόνος τοῦ τεκεῖν αὐτὴν καὶ ἐγέννησεν υἱόν

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John 3:16-21 Grammatical Analysis

So I’m going to start using the blog to write up grammatical analyses. It’s mostly for my own benefit to make sure I’m as thorough as I should be when I am working through a passage for sermon prep. But it also means I have the benefit of the wisdom of any of my readers – you can comment/correct my analysis as appropriate.

So, next Sunday (20th June 2010) I’m preaching on John 3:16-21 at my old church (Holy Cross, Hove). I’ve pretty much written the sermon already, so I’m writing this stuff retrospectively.

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