Important OT Manuscripts

Last time, we talked about important manuscripts for NT TC, this post is about OT manuscripts.

  • The Dead Sea Scolls are some of the most important copies of the Hebrew Bible. They were not discovered until 1947, but since then they have revolutionised OT TC. They contain virtually the whole of the OT but are of a much earlier date than any other copy of the OT that is known; and most significantly, there are very few major differences between these ancient OT manuscripts and the later copies like the Leningrad Codex (see below).
  • The Cairo Genizah (a store room for manuscripts) provided us with a number of copies of the OT dating from 1015AD.

Just like in NT TC, OT TC is not restricted only to things written in Hebrew:

  • The Septuagint (LXX) is a Greek translation of the OT. The biggest problem is that there is no singlular version of the LXX. In fact, the TC of the LXX is a whole other discipline due to all the different versions and variations within the text.
  • The Samarian Pentateuch was about 100BC
  • The Aramaic Targumim are translations of parts of the Hebrew OT into Aramaic. Sometimes the translation is very literarl, but frequently they are paraphrased.

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