Isaiah 26:19

Is anyone able to tell me why the NIV2011 adds “LORD” (i.e. יהוה) to the first clause of Isaiah 26:19?

No other English versions do. Including the NIV84.

There’s no textual issue recorded in BHS.

Oswalt doesn’t mention any other textual issues.



2 thoughts on “Isaiah 26:19

  1. I believe I have answered my own question.
    The issue is not a textual one – but an interpretive one.

    Oswalt (p486) has a discussion about the difficulty of determining the speaker in v19. The possibilities are: the people themselves, God, or Isaiah.

    The NIV committee seemed to have added YHWH to make clear their interpretation that this verse is being spoken by the prophet.

    1. I think you’re right. The NET bible has this comment: “At this point the Lord (or prophet) gives the people an encouraging oracle.” The NIV is just trying to be helpful!

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