“Teacher” and “Master” in Luke

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, but I noticed something interesting today:

there seems to be a distinct way in which Jesus is addressed by various groups in Luke.

The vocative διδάσκαλε is used to address Jesus only be people who don’t fully recognise who he is. It is never used by the disciples. It’s used by:

  • Simon the Pharisee (7:40)
  • The father of the ‘epileptic’ boy (9:38)
  • Lawyers (10:35; 11:45)
  • People in the crowd (12:13)
  • The rich young ruler (18:18)
  • Jesus’ opponents (19:39; 20:21, 28, 39)
  • A rather vague “some” 21:7

Furthermore, “Master” (ἐπιστάτα) is only used by the disciples (5:5; 8:24, 45; 9:33; 49) except 17:13 where it is used by the ten lepers.

“Rabbi” is not used at all in Luke. But 4 times in Matt and 3 times in Mark.



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