New Passage Prep Sheet

I just made myself one of these:

Passage Prep Sheet

for working on passages, keeping track of thoughts, making sure I don’t miss out important things etc.

Feel free to steal it is it’s any use.


Luke 3v3

Culy notes the awkwardness of v3b where three nouns with verbal ideas are all linked together. The phrase is best understood thusly:

  • βάπτισμα – accusative ms; direct object of κηρύσσων “preaching a baptism”

  • μετανοίας – genitive fs; genitive of apposition (there could be multiply ‘types’ of baptism, but John preaches one ‘of repentance’). Culy et al. have “characterised by or associated with repentance”, p103)

  • εἰς ἄφεσιν ἁμαρτιῶν – prep + accusative fs + genitive fp; purpose clause “with the purpose of forgiveness” + objective genitive (it is the sins which are forgiven, they are the object of the forgiveness).

Luke 3v1

The second δέ of Luke 3:1 is interesting and puzzling.

The verse begins with δέ as you would expect, marking a new section of the narrative – a development in the story.

However, as Luke gives us some relevant Roman historical background, the doesn’t simply connect all the phrases with καί, but about halfway through the list, he conjoins two phrases with a second δέ.

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