Lukan Optatives

For now, simply a list of all optative verbs in Luke:

Lk. 1:29, 38, 62
Lk. 3:15
Lk. 6:11
Lk. 8:9
Lk. 9:46
Lk. 15:26
Lk. 18:36
Lk. 20:16
Lk. 22:23
and Acts:
Acts 5:24
Acts 8:20, 31
Acts 10:17
Acts 17:11, 18, 27
Acts 20:16
Acts 21:33
Acts 24:19
Acts 25:16, 20
Acts 26:29
Acts 27:12, 39
More analysis to follow at some future point…

Conative Imperfect in Luke 1v59

The nuance of the imperfect ἐκάλουν in Luke 1:59 is debated.

Bock (166) suggests it is a “conative imperfect” (that the crowd were wishing/wanting to name the child John).

Nolland doesn’t comment on the imperfect itself, but translates it as “wanting to call him” (77).

Culy, Parsons and Stigall claim “it is much more likely that the imperfect portrays what they were actually doing before Elizabeth corrected them” (50). Hence their translation is “began to call him…” (47).

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