Isaiah 1v1-9 Notes

The first sermon in my Isaiah series will be on 1:1-9. I decided to take shorter rather than longer sections of Isaiah (most sermons take 1:1-20 as a whole). Anyway, for the last few days I’ve been working through the Hebrew text of theses verses. It has felt like I’m back in Hebrew class at WEST: constantly checking my parsing in BibleWorks and looking up stuff in Waltke and O’Connor.

Here are my notes:

Isaiah1v1-9 (disclaimer: some bits might be wrong, and there are almost definitely mistakes!)

I haven’t quite got a theme/aim sentence yet, but I’ve got a few ideas about sermon outline. 2 or 3 points:

  1. Sin is Stupid (vv2-8)
  2. God is Good (v9)

or possibly with an extra point:

  1. Sin is Serious (v2a)
  2. Sin is Stupid (vv2b-8)
  3. God is Good (v9)



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