Greek Revision: Articular Infinitives

The second bit of Greek revision I need to do for Luke is to review articular infinitives. Luke seems to use them quite a lot and I’m a little rusty! Here it is:

Duff has

The neuter singular of the article…can be put in front of an Infinitive to make a noun denoting the activity of the verb, or the fact of that activity happening…

The articular infinitive is mainly used with a preposition. The Infinitive itself does not decline, but the article does. (p205, emphasis original)

Duff mentions six prepositions used with an infinitive (but he couples two together), Wallace has five:

δια + acc Cause or contemporaneous time (rare)
εἰς + acc Purpose, result, epexegetical (rare)
ἐν + dat Result (rare), contemporaneous time, means
μετα + acc Antecedent time
προ + acc Purpose
προς + acc Purpose, result

(See also Burton, §§406-417.)

Some Luke statistics for your:

  • there are 36 articular infinitives in Luke (BibleWorks search for the phrase ‘*@p* o@d* *@vn*)
    • 27 of which are ἐν τῳ (1:8, 21; 2:6, 27, 43; 3:21; 5:12; 8:5; 9:18, 29, 33f, 36, 51; 10:35; 11:1, 27; 12:15; 14:1; 17:11, 14; 18:35; 19:15; 24:4, 15, 30, 51)
    • 4 are δια το (2:4; 9:7; 11:8; 23:8)
    • 2 are μετα το (12:5; 22:20)
    • 1 is προς το (18:1)
    • 1 is προ του (2:21)
    • 1 is εις το (5:17)

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