Luke 1v1-4

Here is digram and notes on Luke 1:1-4.

My theme sentence is: Following others, Luke wrote his orderly account to bring certainty.

My aim sentence is: Be confident concerning the truth about Jesus from the bible.

My Sermon outline is:

  1. Luke’s Gospel helps me learn about Jesus (vv1-3)
    1. dealing with what Luke has written: an orderly account, following others’ pattern, based on eyewitnesses about Jesus, his teaching, miracles etc.
  2. Luke’s Gospel helps me trust in Jesus (v4)
    1. dealing with why Luke has written: he thought it necessary (“good”) to write an account to instill confidence to his reader(s).



So, my grand plan is to get to this stage of preparation well ahead a time so that, when it comes to actually writing the sermon, illustrations, applications etc, I can quickly and easily remind myself of the most significant aspects of the exegesis.

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