Greek Revision: Πολυς

The first bit of Greek revision I need to do in my quest to read Luke is revise the paradigm for πολυς – since it is the second word in the book. Here’s the table:

πολυς πολλη πολυ
πολυν πολλην πολυ
πολλου πολλης πολλου
πολλῳ πολλῃ πολλῳ
πολλοι πολλαι πολλα
πολλους πολλας πολλα
πολλων πολλων πολλων
πολλοις πολλαις πολλοις

It’s really only the nominative and accusative singular that are unusual – everything else follows normal 2-1-2 noun declension patterns. In fact, the feminine form is completely regular, so only nom and acc masc and neut are unusual. They are not strictly unusual, but rather they are 3rd declension. Hence πολυς is a 3/2-1-3/2 noun (that is both 3rd and 2nd declension in the masculine and neuter, but 1st declension in the feminine).

Just for the sake of completeness, here’s some statistics and further info from BDAG:

  • Occurs 416 times in NT, 60 times in Luke.
  • 3rd declension forms (i.e. nom/acc masc/neut) occur only 71 times in NT, 15 times in Luke.
  • BDAG has three major definitions:
  1. pert. to being a large number, many, a great number of
  2. pert. to being relatively large in quantity or measure, much, extensive
  3. pert. to be high on a scale of extent

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