The Essential Bible Companion to the Psalms

Ok, imagine the situation, you have just started reading the Psalm in your quiet times…Or perhaps your church has just started a weekly sermon/homegroup/bible study series in the Psalms. What kind of book would you want to help you get to grip with the Psalter? You’d probably want some features like these:

  • a brief, simple but comprehensive introduction to the Psalms, the different types of Psalms, the overall structure of the book
  • a simple, one-page overview of each Psalm with a one-sentence summary, and an explanation of any unusual or tricky words or phrases
  • a jumping-off point to guide your application and continued reflection on that Psalm
  • simple and clear explanations of some of those tricky words that occur in the headings
  • quick and easy tables to help you locate different types of psalms and to help you find Psalms that will help you in your particular situation

All these things, and more, are brilliantly provided in The Essential Bible Companion to the Psalms. This is not a dry boring technical commentary, neither is it a namby-panby devotional experience. Rather it is “key insights for reading God’s Word” and “What you need to know, when you need to know it”. It’s clear from the outset that the authors (Brian L Webster and David R Beach) have worked extremely hard to produce an excellent, clear, reliable and concise guide to help you read and profit from the Psalms.


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