Peal Verbs

Let me give you an example of what I’m thinking regarding Aramaic resources.

There are 1096 Aramaic verbs in the OT (statistics from BW8). 233 of those are Peal perfect verbs. So if you learn the Peal perfect paradigm, you’ve learnt 21% of all the verbs. That, in itself, is good news. 1 paradigm = 21%. (If you learnt the imperfect as well, you’d have 30% under your belt!)

Better still is the fact that the Peal perfect paradigm isn’t hugely different from the Hebrew Qal active paradigm. Have a look at the image below:

You can probably spot the huge similarities, but in case you can’t try here.

Verbs are similar. Nouns and adjective work the same way. There’s considerable lexical overlap so you’ll already know some of the necessary vocabulary…see the point: it doesn’t take too much additional work for someone who knows Hebrew to be able to read some Aramaic.

That’s my point, and that’s what I want to maximise on…


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