Jude 1:1 (again)

I thought I’d try and be a bit more deliberate and regular with my grammatical analyses. Just one verse (hopefully) a day, but that’s the trick with languages – little and often. So, here’s the first go…

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Jude 1:1

I found a very long complex dative clause this morning.

“to the called ones” is the basic clause, but the noun is separated from its article by 8 words: 2 adjectival participial clauses each with its own subject, one expressed as a prepositional clause, the other as dative.

    In God the father
  Loved ones
    to/by Jesus Christ
  The kept ones
The called ones.

More smoothly:
To the called, loved in God the Father and kept to/by Jesus Christ.

Whether the dative clause is dative of interest (for Jesus) or means (by Jesus) is debatable.