Jonan The Contrarian 4:6-9 (Revision)

  1. And YWHW-God appointed (3ms Piel wayiqqtol) a plant and it grew up (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) (lit. from) over Jonan to be (Qal infin cons) a shade over his head to deliver (Hiph infin cons + l) him from his disress. And Jonan rejoiced (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) greatly (congnate internal accusative) because of plant.
  2. And God appointed (3ms Piel wayiqqtol) a worm, when the dawn came up (Qal infin cons + b) the next day it attacked (3ms Hiph wayiqqtol) the plant and it withered (3ms Qal wayiqqtol)
  3. And when the sun shone (Qal infin cons + k), God appointed (3ms Piel wayiqqtol) a scourching East wind and the sun attacked (3ms Hiph wayiqqtol) Jonan’s head and he was faint (3ms Hith wayiqqtol). And he asked (3ms Qal wayiqqtol) that he (lit. his life) might die and he said, “My death is better than my life”.
  4. And God said to Jonan, “Is it right that you are angry because of the plant?” And he said, “It is good that I am angry, angry enough to die.”

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