Notes on 2:1-12 (Revision)

the third day: 1:29, 35, 39 and 43 along with 2:1 count up 7 days – cf creation week, miracle on the Sabbath (5:16; 9:16)

και used attributive adverb ‘also’

what to me and to you idiom, mild rebuke.

woman – not offensive connotations as today, NIV: ‘dear woman’

draw water – from water jars or well?

γεγενημενον־ non-articular therefore not adjectival modifying ‘wine’. Could be complementary “which had become wine” or adverbial “when it had become wine”.

ταυτην εποιησεν αρχην των σημειων – ταυτην and αρχην are both acc (dir. obj.). Therefore either in apposition or complex transitive clause with object and object complement. Apposition “Jesus made this, the first of the signs,…” complex trans. clause: “Jesus made this [to be] the first of the signs…”

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