Jonan 2:8-11 (Revision)

  1. when my life was fainting (Hith infin cons + b) from me, I remembered (3ms Qal perf) YHWH
    and my prayer went up (3fs Qal weqatal) to you in your holy temple.
  2. those who keep (mpl piel pcpl) vain idols forsake (3mp Qal qayiqqtol) their steadfast love
  3. But I with a voice of thanksgiving will sacrifice (1cs Qal cohortative) to you.
    What I have vowed (1cs Qal cohortative) let me complete, Salvation belongs to YHWH.

2 thoughts on “Jonan 2:8-11 (Revision)

  1. Yeah – he was played by Danny DeVito in the film along side Arnie….no wait, I’m thinking of Twins? I’m confused – too much revision…

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