John 2:13-23 (Revision)

  1. And the Passover feast of the Jews was near, and Jesus went up (3s aor act ind) to Jerusalem.
  2. and he found (3s aor act ind) sitting (pres mid pcpl masc acc pl – supplementary participle with a verb of perception) [there], in the temple, those selling (pres act pcpl masc acc pl) bulls and sheep and doves; and money-changers.
  3. and he had made (aor act pcpl nom masc sing, attend circ) a whip from cords, he cast out (3s aor act ind) of the temple all the sheep and the bulls, and he poured out (3s aor act ind εκχεω) the money of the money-changers and he overturned (3s aor act ind ανατρεπω) the tables.
  4. and to those selling (pres act pcpl masc dat pl) doves he said, “Take (2p aor act imptv) these things from here. Do not make (2p pres act imp) my father’s house a house of merchandise.”
  5. His discples remembered (3p aor pass indic) that it is written, “Zeal of your house will consume (1s fut mid indic) me.”
  6. Therefore the Jews replied and said to him, “What sign will you give (future present) to us that you do these things?”
  7. Jesus replied and said to them, “Destroy (2p aor act imptv) this temple and in three days I will raise it up (1s fut act indic)“.
  8. Then the Jews said to him, “This temple was built (3s aor pass indic) in 46 years, and you will raise it in three days?”
  9. But he was speaking (3s impf act ind) concerning the temple of his body.
  10. Therefore when he raised himself from the dead, his disciples remembered (3p aor pass indic) that he had said (3s imperf act ind) this, and they believed the scripture and the word which Jesus spoke.

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