John 2:1-12 (Revision)

  1. And on the third day (dat of time) there was (3s aor mid ind γινομαι) a wedding in Cana in (gen.) Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there.
  2. Now Jesus and his disciples were also called (3s aor pass ind καλεω. Compound subject but sing verb because Jesus is prominent character) to the wedding.
  3. and when they had run out of wine (genitive absolute [see here]) Jesus’ mother said (hp) to him, “They do not have (3p pres act ind) wine.”
  4. Jesus said (hp) to her, “What is this to me (lit. What to me and to you), woman? My hour has not yet come (3s pres act ind).”
  5. His mother said (hp) to the servants, “Do (2p aor act imptv) whatever he tells you (lit. whatever he might say to you).”
  6. Now there were six stone water jars, according to the purification of the Jews, standing (pres mid pcpl nom fem pl) there, each holding (pres act pcpl nom fem pl) 2 or 3 measures.
  7. Jesus said (hp) to them, Fill (2p aor act imptv) the water jars with (gen of content) water. And they filled (3p aor act ind) them to the brim.
  8. and he said (hp) to them, “Now draw (2p aor act imptv αντλεω) [some water] and take (2p pres act imptv φερω) [it] to the head waiter. And they took (3p aor act ind) [some].
  9. Now as the head waiter tasted (3s aor mid ind γευομαι) the water it had become (perf pass pcpl acc neut sing) wine and he did not know (3s pluperf act ind οιδα) where it was from, but the servants who had drawn (perf act pcpl nom masc pl) the water knew (3p pluperf act ind), so the head water called (hist pres. 3s pres act ind) the groom.
  10. and he said (hp) to him, “Everyone else (lit. every man) first serves (3s pres act ind τιθημι) the good wine and when they are drunk (3p aor pass subj μεθυσκομαι) [serves] the lesser [wine]. You have kept (2s perf act ind τηρεω) the good wine until now!
  11. Jesus made (3s aor act ind) this to be the first of the signs in Cana of Galilee and he revealed (3s aor act ind) his glory and his disciples believed (3p aor act ind) in him.
  12. After these things, Jesus, his mother, his brothers and his disciples went down (3s aor act ind) to Capernaum and remained (3s aor act ind) there for a few days (lit. not many days).

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